6th Grade Reading Summer Pre-Ap MRS. REED

Mrs. Reed's 6th Grade Pre-Ap 2018-2019

This Pre-Ap class has the same areas of focus and course of studies as 6th-grade language arts, however, the pace is accelerated, and independent learning and self-initiative are expected.  Outside-the-box ideas are encouraged in student writing, as well as the use of sophisticated word choices and strengthing of the voice.  Project-based learning will occur throughout the year, offering students high-interest activities to showcase their writing, focus on developing advanced skills in research and communication, and integrate skills between language arts, social studies, and science.

Prior to the first day of school, students will be required to write a five paragraph autobiography about themselves to share with the class. An autobiography from Mrs. Reed will be attached to the assignment. Attention should be given to advanced writing and grammar skills.